Mission and Vision


We are an organization engaged in manufacturing and selling of electrical conductors. Our activities are based on a responsible human group that is also honest, motivated, qualified, pleased and proud to belong to the organization, which seeks efficiency in order to ensure shareholders satisfaction and generate revenue that would benefit all members of the organization.


To be an organized and profitable company, aware of surrounding changes, and a local leader in manufacturing and selling of electrical conductors, offering quality products and providing a premium service, while keeping also a track record of excellence in the local marketand expanding to regional and international markets, with response capabilities to meet our clients´ requirements, supported by our qualified and confident staff, specialized in team work, with a management that is characterized by effectiveness and efficiency for the wellbeing of the INPACO family (shareholders and employees alike).

Since its inception, INPACO has adopted a working philosophy where we have the commitment ofprovidingquality service and products to our clients, to meet their requirements with reliability and confidence. This statement is the base of our Quality Policy. Our Quality Objectives are to:

  • Motivate and train our employees.
  • Constantly review our processes.
  • Constantly update our technology.
  • Evaluate and select suppliers.
  • Communicate seamlessly at all levels.
  • Manage with effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Respect the environment and society.

Acting according to this goal, we pursue keeping a track record of excellence in the local market and expanding in the regional and international markets, offering suitable answers to our clients’ requirements with our qualified staff´s support, working collaboratively with a management that satisfiesour shareholders, employees and the society.


We are manufacturers of Electrical Conductors and as such, we define our QUALITY POLICY: To continuously satisfy the demand of our clients and other interested parties, by offering products of our manufacture of the highest quality, with timely provision and transmitting with our service, trust and security, ensuring compliance with applicable requirements and focused on continuous improvement of our processes and procedures through our quality management system.