Service Voltage: 450/750 V.
1. Flexible conductor made of soft tempered electrolytic copper wires, class 4 wiring.
2. Low-smoke, halogen-free thermoplastic insulation (LS0H).

The NON-TOXIC MULTI-WIRE CABLES are specially designed to be used in places with high occupational density and / or with difficult evacuation conditions such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, schools, airports, etc. Also in places where high reliability and security is required. Because they do not emit corrosive gases, they are also suitable for use on industrial panels.
The insulating material used, in addition to having special characteristics in terms of non-propagation and self-extinguishing of fire, is halogen-free and meets the requirements of low smoke emission, low toxicity index and low acidity level.